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How it's designed

Main concepts

By default we limit each namespace to:

  • 32 created volumes
  • 1TB of total storage space

One volume cannot exceed 1TB of reserved space

If you find those limits too restricting you should contact us at

Access modes

CGC Volumes can operate in two modes

  • RWO - read/write once - that means you can mount the volume only to one compute resource at a time. They are slightly faster in IO
  • RWX - read/write many - the default choice when working with data. You can mount to multiple compute resources and filebrowser at once. IO speed is sufficient in most cases.


All volumes are replicated so your data is secure. If you need extra protection you can use external backup provided by Comtegra Backup Cloud.

Disk types

Comtegra GPU Cloud offers two types of disks

  • SSD
  • NVMe

Benchmarks will be available shortly.