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Efficiency and precision are at your fingertips with our meticulously crafted software stack, meticulously curated by NVIDIA and orchestrated by CGC.

Explore our extensive catalog of applications designed to streamline your workflow, empowering you to:

  • Data Preparation: Seamlessly prepare your datasets for AI tasks.
  • AI Model Development and Training: Facilitate the creation and training of cutting-edge AI models.
  • Model Deployment into Production: Simplify the process of deploying your models into production environments.

For a comprehensive solution, delve into our bundled end-to-end applications. Within this suite, you'll discover:

  • RAG: Explore and enhance retrieval-augmented generation capabilities for Llama 13B model.

Should you find any gaps in our app offerings that could enhance your workflow or benefit your team, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're committed to continually improving our suite of applications to meet your evolving needs.

  • Custom images - Execute any application using your own custom image. Private images can be retrieved from any repository that you have access to.